Francisco Cornejo is a 46 year old member of the blue collar working class who also has the capacity to operate his online radio stations.

Born in San Salvador, El Salvador, Francisco grew up in a working class neighbourhood. He was raised in a happy home with loving parents and sisters. Francisco is fluent in both Spanish and English. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1987 when he was 11 years old with his family.

He has been married to his wife Cynthia Cornejo for 10 years, they have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Francisco has worked at The Ford Motor Company of Canada in Oakville, Ontario, since 1999 and has been a CAW/Unifor union member for 23 years. Francisco has understood and continues to follow the collective agreement that the company and union have agreed upon to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Before moving to Woodstock in 2017, Francisco lived in Mississauga where he witnessed the growth of the city and also the leadership by the longest-serving mayor, "Hurricane" Hazel McCallion. The growth of Mississauga was attributed to its proximity to Toronto, it attracted a multicultural population and built up a thriving central business district.

This is when Francisco realized that it takes an approachable, attentive, transparent and feisty community leader with a vision to invest the municipal taxes collected back into the city services that the community needs. Francisco was interested in the politics of city council.

He foresees the city of Woodstock heading in the same direction as Mississauga and council leadership is very important.

After talking to many residents in the area of Woodstock about the growth expected and higher property value as predicted, Francisco has seen this in the past and knows the importance of a strong leadership for the city.

Francisco would love to be part of shaping the city of Woodstock into the next Mississauga.

Francisco graduated as an electronics engineering technologist with Japanese language at Sheridan College. He worked at the Playdium Entertainment Complex for 3 years where he was a video game technician.

Since childhood, Francisco has always had a passion for music. As he grew older, he turned that passion into a labour of love and enjoyed playing music for people as a dj.

In the music industry, specially in the dance music world, Francisco is also known as Frank Frenzy. For 7 years, Francisco held a 2 hour radio show as well as music director role for the Club 246 radio network that broadcasted daily on 100.7 FM Toronto and 97.9 FM Ottawa, CHIN FM. Currently he owns and operates the online DJ Frenzy Radio network, which includes Woodstock FM.

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